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High Command

It looks like the Cornell men's lacrosse team, the only undefeated team in the country (13-0-0), got robbed in the NCAA tournament selections. Somehow they ended up with the 4th overall seed, behind Duke (14-2-0), Virginia (12-3-0), and Johns Hopkins (9-4-0). Now, given strength of schedule considerations, I can understand Duke perhaps being placed ahead of Cornell (even if Cornell beat Duke in Durham). But doing the same with Virginia and Johns Hopkins given their overall records is just plain ludicrous. Don't get me wrong; these three teams are all excellent squads, but I don't think all three are actually better than Cornell. Even the CSTV pundits and the Duke player interviewed on their selection show were agreeing that this order of placement is bizarre.

With hopes that both luck and skill are on Cornell's side, their theoretical path to an NCAA championship starts with playing Towson here in Ithaca on Saturday. This would be followed by likely playing #5 Albany the following weekend in Princeton, which is luckily a familiar location for Cornell. (Maybe I'll take a trip to Jersey for this match!) Cornell would then go to Baltimore for the Final Four and probably face #1 Duke in the national semifinal, though I have to imagine most people would call that game the real national title game. Finally, Cornell would play the winner of #2 Virginia and #3 Johns Hopkins.

I keep telling myself, "It could be worse." And they'll have to prove it on the field no matter what. Still, I have to say it...Cornell got robbed.


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